• Reliability
  • Loyalty
With the support of R’ SPORTS CONSEIL and after two seasons in the colours of COFIDIS, Jérôme COPPEL is going to give new impetus to his career with the Swiss team IAM.
“Participating in top-level sport means making sacrifices, working hard and meeting people in order to achieve your dreams and targets. I discovered Philippe Raimbaud a few years ago. Thanks to his professionalism and skill, we quickly forged a relationship built on trust. With R’ SPORTS CONSEIL, I got the best possible support and advice for my career while staying focused on my sporting objectives. Knowing how to surround yourself with the right people is a key aspect of success and high performance.”
During her career as track cyclist, Félicia Ballanger won three Gold medals at the Olympics Games in Atlanta and Sydney and ten world championship titles.
“In order to achieve my maximum, gain confidence and enjoy real peace of mind, I had to surround myself with reliable and skilful people throughout my career. I was lucky enough to meet Philippe Raimbaud along the way. He got involved in managing the administrative side of my sporting career. Thanks to Philippe I was able to do things properly throughout my career and avoid doubts that would have damaged my performances. He helps me to stay focused on my sports targets. When it comes to performances, leaving nothing to chance and knowing who to frequent are vital for success."
A model team-member, Yannick TALABARDON was a top-level road cyclist for ten seasons for Crédit-Agricole, BigMat-Auber and Saur-Sojasun.
During my five years with Sojasun, I was always grateful for the meticulousness and ethical approach of Philippe Raimbaud, which are essential at the highest level. Philippe is steeped in cycling culture and history and has genuine affection for riders.