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One of R’ SPORTS CONSEIL’s fundamental skills is its capacity to mobilise a network of experts specific to each issue. We work with consultants on a collaborative basis with a view to establishing dynamic synergies geared solely towards the pursuit of excellence. R’ SPORTS CONSEIL’s activities are always guided by honesty, humility, professional conscience, respect and loyalty.
  • Licensed sports agent, specialised in cycling approved by the FCF and the ICA
  • Founder of Vendée U, Manager of the Bonjour (2000/2002) and La Boulangère (2003/2004),
  • teams, head of the Saur-Sojasun (2010/2012) and Sojasun (2013) teams,
  • Vice-president of the Ligue Nationale de Cyclisme (2002/2004),
  • President of the Association des Groupes Professionnels Français (2002/2004).
  • Licensed sports agent specialised in cycling.
  • Corporate human resources manager.
  • Founder and manager of the “Concept Vélo” chain of bicycle stores.
  • Academic, researcher, doctor in sports psychology.
  • Head of INSEP’s performance support unit from 2003 to 2013.
  • Has worked with a variety of individuals, including champions, in the performance sector, and with teams, clubs and federations.
Erwann Mingam
  • Lawyer at the Rennes Bar, co-founder of WM LAW.
  • Intervening in Sports Law.
  • Author of a book on cycling jargon, " En chasse-patate (On a potato chase) " (Ed. Solar, 2015).