• • Contextualise riders’ performances and potential in order to outline, with them, a professional project and a genuine career plan.
  • • Study, on the basis of the strengths and eagerness of each rider, the best opportunities offered by professional teams.
  • • Set the riders’ sporting and financial targets.
  • • Capitalise on a rider’s skills to devise a strategy for offering services to each professional team targeted.
  • • Compile a real time dashboard of teams’ activities, development, schedules and the opportunities they offer.


  • • Give the riders access to a professional network and relationships with heads of sports companies in France and abroad.
  • • Contact team leaders, conduct negotiations in total harmony with the athlete.
  • • Agree the exact form of contracts, then draw them up and set the precise terms.
  • • Draft contracts and complete the legal formalities.
  • • Monitor the respect of contractual commitments by all parties.
  • • Look for criterium trials and negotiate racers’ participation in them. Forge contacts with organisers.

Build valuable images

  • • Explore opportunities for marketing or selling a rider’s image rights to private or public partners.
  • • Make the athlete’s image profitable and examine opportunities for creating a copyright company. Draw up image rights-assignment contract.
  • • Search for sponsorship, advertising and public relations deals.
  • • Look into registering trademarks and devising trademark contracts.