• The primary focus of R’ SPORTS CONSEIL is athletes’ well-being as humans. The agency keeps watch to make sure that they gain maximum fulfilment while upholding their dignity, character, free will and rights.



  • Sportspeople are sometimes left vulnerable by upheaval in their careers such as may be caused by injuries, changes of status or transfers to new organisations.
    R’ SPORTS CONSEIL aims to serve as a source of stability, a permanent base that helps them to handle the ups and downs in their career.



  • R’ SPORTS CONSEIL deals with athletes’ requests in a team spirit that is rooted in discussions and trust and without ever seeking to take their place. The goal is to develop an approach that strives to build together specific tools for each athlete so that he or she can take action on the basis of full understanding.



  • The work undertaken by R’ SPORTS CONSEIL is kept strictly confidential and its employees are subject to an obligation to maintain professional secrecy.
    R’ SPORTS CONSEIL’s experts take care to ensure that they do nothing that could harm their customers’ image, health or reputation and never place them in situations involving conflicts of interest.


Understand fully

  • R’ SPORTS CONSEIL vows to refrain from devising schemes of which they do not have a complete grasp. The extent of our people’s work is set by the extent of their skills and knowledge.